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  • I am very disappointed with the anniversary event this year! You finally are giving away a pet Chupathingie, which is a pet I have wanted since I first started playing this game, back when the Isle of Dawn was the starter area. But for this event yo…
  • I wasted 3 hours for 5 health potions for I can get from dragon scales or the doing vanguards, what a ripoff. Now if it had been 30 then it would have been worth it. Only good thing is I was able to get a few gold talents from the level 65 dungeons…
  • One of the things that made Tera so much better then the other game out there used to be the Guild bank system. You could make a guild with your friends and share things around, no matter what level their alts. Thanks to the Guilded Age patch Tera h…
  • This event needs to be extended at LEAST ANOTHER WEEK to give people a chance to open up all the Mongos!!!!