[TERA PC & CONSOLE] One week left in Summerfest, Part 1: Festival of the Sun! Part 2: The Beach Bash kicks off August 11. Participate in Summerfest activities to earn tokens redeemable for costumes, consumables, mounts, and more! Details: https://bit.ly/tera_sf20



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  • From how I played mystic in eu so far, you need to summon the thrall into the area where your party members are, the buffs last few seconds, while having augmentation on, you lose huge amount of mana making it really painful to keep on mana while sp…
  • (Quote) The only way is giving all lvl65 the rank that can take Gquests and separate from the non 65s since they can’t do them anyways. But it’s kinda harder work for the GM. In our guild we let all 65s to get gquests And never had issues of some t…
  • (Quote) A. If you don't use them then its your fault? B. Either don't claim them or claim on character you don't play (or create random char and claim on it and delete) and if its too troublesome just contact support to remove it for you if space i…
  • Now people complain about freebies you get for just login in game? What else you want Dragon for afking ?
  • I suggest FWC everyday + 1 another battleground for the day ^¬^ and of course hoping the jackpots to be decent :x
  • No. Elite should have a mount like dragon, longer flying stamina, 290 speed walking but getting crit power is too much.
  • I'm against this because anyone can be leader and this would let people potentially disband party to troll and make everyone lose a run. So just drop and do something random those 15 minutes of dropout or log onto your other char and do stuff on tha…
  • Yea the rewards are back to non double vanguard rewards for whatever reason, even though they said they will keep double for this whole month :x
    in IoD bams Comment by Yube January 2018
  • I don't recommend coming back. Tera each patch is a disappointment And EME recently is very bad towards community and events. The gear revamp is very grindy now, you doing same dungeons every day even longer. They wanted to reduce the new gear every…
  • You shouldn't expect other players to use pots when you are there to heal them, what were you doing while the berserker had low hp and died? I cleanse fast, heal, give mana, ress people and if I'm not the heal in party I expect this from the healer …
  • I thought it was all supposed to start at same time :x
  • Yea would be nice to have another with decent jackpot ofc ! I'm stacked on quite few keys because the last jackpot event was on summer when I was away on vacation ._.
  • The console version will eventually die, endgame is lacking and people will quit. Just wait it out :joy:
  • I was thinking if we can't just have tags systems, now if I would like to read PVE topics I can't go to PVE sections and general is now huge section of everything. So instead of searching stuff in general, I could use the PVE tag and everything rela…
  • Same :c if I was a new player now I wouldn't enjoy it as much as before, before it was all bright and pretty, very great starter experience being in nice environment, but now it's just gloomy and dark and you're forced to help some little kid.