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  • Perhaps there is a colorblind setting available in your computer/monitor video settings? I'm not too familiar with colorblind options since I have never had to consider it but this is a conversation worth having.
  • In a skilled party, RB is gonna be my main heal tbh, since it's mostly for show and *maybe* peace of mind for whoever's in it. General healing? Still Focus Heal.
  • *scrolls through sale items w/ CC in hand, hoping to see Unity Stole* *does not see Unity Stole* *puts away CC* *sips coffee*
  • While the point was made pretty confrontationally, they're basically correct. Granted you can play how you want, but if someone were to ask which heal should be a primary heal, it's gonna be Focus Heal. Quick, easy to cast, essentially nonexistent c…
  • Focus Heal is life. You can't heal four people who are running away from you with Healing Circle. I roll this on my armor top line. Restorative Burst is down off CD wherever needed. Regen Circle is done when I have nothing better to do. Healing Circ…
  • *crying emoji*
  • I've solo-healed plenty of times and it can be, well...stressful. So I feel you on a different level - I think I just enjoy the stress because it tests my limits as a healer. Also I'm triggered by the word "filtered" because of these foru…
  • You think about dicks a lot don't you? (but actually your post was well written, nice)
  • I agree w/ LesbianVi, this is only going to flood the market. The current rate is fine. I thought choosing Abscess was an interesting choice, since it's almost more trash than CW.
  • Nah, this game looks like a terrible MMORPG. 2/10, won't play.
  • If the answer to any of these questions is "yes" then keep at it; it might take time. I originally started playing TERA in 2014, quit for a year because of this kind of thing, and came back about a year ago and forgot why I left. Honestly,…
  • Reading headaches aside, this isn't necessarily true. There are plenty of guilds with players who enjoy helping newcomers learn the ropes, the new players just have to find their guild. Maybe on the elite high-end of players there is some politics i…
  • Not really a "bug" IMO. It sounds like you got trapped by a group of mobs in water. So die, respawn, and exact revenge, bing bang boom.
  • If you're already quitting because of this, then maybe MMO's like TERA are not for you. There's a learning curve to this game, just like any other, and with a decent population of people who have been playing the game for a while, you're inevitably…
  • If you're not playing the game (or at least checking the forums) you wouldn't have heard about this promotion, or future ones at that. Too bad that made you not want to play. See you next class.