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  • (Quote) Uh oh, the fat forum police chick is on patrol again. Why are you on every damn thread in every group trying to sling your "moderation" crap at everyone? Don't you have something else better to do in life? Damn.
  • (Quote) Why would they need to explain something so obvious? Every transaction works the same, exact way. Just as you had to "claim" your pet, your mount, your masks et cetera. Not quite sure what exactly you'd like explained to you.
  • (Quote) LMAO, you can't be serious here. BDO? Have you even played that laggy sh/t? Have you ever been in a guild war for even a basic node anywhere other than the desert and were able to even MOVE? Not to mention it's just an all out "grind t…
  • (Quote) Adios uneducated tra/sh.
    in Archer in PvP Comment by coma April 2018
  • (Quote) That's just it Captain Obvious. My statements ARE proven by En Masse's history in introducing more classes to the game. It's not my problem if you have to touch wet paint to believe it's wet.
  • (Quote) If you're basic comprehension regarding the block feature is anything like your horrid use of grammar, then I'd be willing to bet user error is why you're continuing to have issues. I'm going to make a wild guess here, Southern Baptist?
  • (Quote) Yeah, I was wondering what the he/ll you were talking about lol. I got into a conversation with the guy referring to the actual lock-on "skills" not that hooked on phonics "center" button. Which by the way, isn't a lock-…
    in Archer in PvP Comment by coma April 2018
  • (Quote) The same ret/ard from the other thread responds again with untutored gibberish. I expected nothing less.
    in Archer in PvP Comment by coma April 2018
  • Anyone using that right thumb stick sh/t is trash, plain and simple. That was one of the very first things taken off my skillbar.
    in Archer in PvP Comment by coma April 2018
  • (Quote) We're talking about lock-on skills dude, not that g/ay a/ss mash the right thumb stick sh/t.
    in Archer in PvP Comment by coma April 2018
  • (Quote) Same here on Xbox One X. Zero lag, zero issues outside of high-traffic areas like highwatch or Velika then just a little skip here and there.
  • (Quote) Dude what you just said makes absolutely no sense. I've played this game since before it's official release and I can tell you that once you lock-on to a target, it requires to further aiming to make impact regardless of what class you are.…
    in Archer in PvP Comment by coma April 2018
  • (Quote) Maybe you have a hard time comprehending basic English, or maybe you're just retar/ded. Either way, I don't think I have enough crayons to draw it out for you, so I'll not bother to waste my time.
  • (Quote) What I think is even more sad is the fact that you're attempting to insult someone for being from another country and not being able to speak English and you're not even aware that English is always capitalized. Absolutely stupid? Beyond be…
  • (Quote) Yes, this is a skill-based game. Anyone good enough can dodge everyone of your attacks and visa versa, including lock-ons.
    in Archer in PvP Comment by coma April 2018