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  • should just rename the dungeon to "Forgotten Arena" KEKW
  • (Quote) Naslow's Treasure Map in 2K20, as if that matters now, lol... Just do CSN, CSH, and AQ for final state of current endgame content. Can just buy out the etchings and farm out relics + halidoms now. As for the fish botters, there are tons in N…
  • Current state of EU TERA: (Image) Current state of NA TERA: Gameforge: (Image) mEME:
  • I mean think about it. If you spend over $200 on the loot boxes trying to get a rare virtual costume or mount, you should be guaranteed and entitled to get it instead of junk + worthless items that are worth less than 150k in value total (with a bun…
  • Will this effect TERA too? I do hope so. No more pointless RNG gambling from loot boxes. Just make those loot box items one-time direct purchase from the shop. (Image) Hopefully this will make more of the player-base happy. :blush: GO AMERICA! [vi…
  • (Quote) ok, glsnm it is then. thank u. i also think they should add veils to the metamorphic token shop for at least 36,000 tokens each or something like that since these mats are usage for older tier gear aka stormcry and not for enchanting the cu…
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