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  • Yes! Fraywind getting some love finally! I was thinking pvp is gonna die unless they keep the extra prizes going.
  • I get absolutely wrecked at the crystal. Like im absolutely raging. There is some bug that stops you from moving properly once you have damaged the cornerstone, like an invisile wall. I just get knocked down after 1 dodge and then im dead. I do like…
  • Weird how capturing respawn points and cornerstone damage dont count as contribution. Contribution is from bashing down 2 gates and destroying siege equipment/airships. I crash and about 5-6 other people do in every single corsairs match. Literally …
  • Seems like mounting up if youve not been tagged in combat fixes it.
  • I play on Ps4 pro and get this problem but nowhere near as much as the Op. Corsairs at the moment is horrible for me. Distance drawing is horrbible, oftern attacked by enemies that didnt even load onto my screen yet. Freeze/crash almost every Corsai…
  • I agree this is a brawler causing game to crash in corsairs ( maybe not 100% responsible but more than enough )
  • Also cannot even log into my character as it crashes upon trying. Saravash - pretty sure i logged in Highwatch.
  • Same problem instantly after the update. Has anyone tried notifiying them through all means of communication? Email - ticket - twitter - Fb ect and whatever else there is.
  • Bottom half of character is completely covered by Ui. Is there a quality of life/suggestions thread somewhere? Id really like to see them remove auto sheathe weapons when ot of combat so i can admire ( and let others ) my weapons in a cool combat s…
  • On Saravash ive not been able to get into a single Fraywind or Corsairs - whenever i ask in Highwatch if anyones been in it they all say no ( what very few replies i get )