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  • I sent in a ticket on the 19th.
  • Alright, I'm getting really upset. @Spacecats please can we get a response with clarification on this? Tuesday, the day of the maintenance, my elite bars on the two servers I play on, AV and CH, did not reset. Wednesday, both had reset. This is co…
  • Still not properly resetting for me after the maintenance. I don't use vouchers for my elite status, I pay monthly via bank account. I've tried logging in at different times throughout the day and it hasn't made any difference. The only thing tha…
  • I guess since my elite bar reset on both servers yesterday, I'm out of luck today. No reset on either AV or CH for me at all. I really, really hope this gets resolved on Tuesday.
  • Thank you! I wasn't sure why I got a windfall on one and not the other! =)
  • Well knock me over and call me Sally! I actually had the elite bar reset on both servers that I have characters today! First time in over a week!
  • I'm in EDT, yes we observe DST. My fiance, who is having the same issue, is in CDT and also observes DST. Also, just as an add-on, we both log on at various times throughout the day. Him even more so than me.
  • I threw my hands up and sent in a ticket since we're getting no response here. I've had alternating resets on the two servers I'm on for a week now.
  • (Quote) Errr....I play RIFT and have played LOTRO. Sorry to tell you, but there's very limited customization in those.
  • (Quote) I've checked at various times of day. I'm getting alternating resets on the two servers that I have characters. I'll have it on one one day and not the other, then the opposite has it reset the next day. My fiance is getting the same thing.…
  • We pay for elite status, we pay for the added benefits. We're not getting what we're paying for and it's been going on for almost a week now. Is this going to be addressed, much less fixed?
  • @Noesis I wish you most well and thank you for all of your hard work!
  • My elite bar didn't reset on AV but it did on CH today (Friday, 5/12/17). Today (Saturday, 5/13/17) I got the opposite. Elite bar reset on AV but not on CH.
  • Same here on both AV and CH.
  • I saw tons of comments deleted that were snarky and purposefully inflammatory. Kudos for the EME staff that kept on top of things and worked hard to keep the stream enjoyable for everyone.