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  • Here are the patch notes since sorcerer's revamp, i think there was some nerf or changes later on in the patch notes ( cant remember)…
  • (Quote) Special buff weekends with increased item XP, additional dungeon loot and more
  • 318 keys 751 ses 3 etching box 4 smart dyads 13k t12 feedstock 6605 spellbind 9000 premium alk 1 dragon
  • Alpha/beta/gamma/delta does not work for ghilliglades. Instance reset scrolls, Elite Instance reset scrolls and Veterance Reset scrolls works. (Image)
  • sigh. can you complete VSHM in 1 uncommon noctenium? 2 VSHM completion wont even be enough to buy a uncommon refiner + 400/500 nocteniums
  • Uncommon noctenium just grow on trees?? u dont need normal nocteniums to make uncommon and that additional 700vg required to make uncommon?
  • @Stevenanthony i have 5 pieces of VM9 ,what are you on about? and can you stay on topic about nocteniums? What i meant that the cost of it is so much it is equivalent to a VM9 Weapon design price now, which is very expensive. edit : where did your …
  • @LesbianVi And when exactly is that event coming? when Harrowhold is coming in a month, will it be here by then? do u know how long people will be spending in that dungeon? @StevenAnthony dont care about farm?, dont buy gold from tb? do i really ha…
  • @TWMagimay Then why would we wanna do end game if it is not self-sustainable but only a steady lost of income? We know it is gonna be a lost at the start of the patch, but doing end game is more of an investment. noctenium is there to make our life …
  • (Quote) Exactly this, and as mentioned many times, we have a harrowhold;Noctenium Sink dungeon coming soon, in b4 noctenium too expensive , dont use them in harrowhold commented by some players.
  • Making a statement about running 4-8 VSHM is considered etilist? please elaborate. Some of the players here DOES NOT even run mid tier or VSHM/VHHM/Harrowhold is trying to give a ton of comments about how noctenium is not needed when they DONT eve…
  • @66ECX7NAN7 Your keyboard warrior skills is horrible, you dont even know what they mean dont you. And to prevent any sort of implementation of your so called " 9000000 noctenium lootboxes" to overflow Tera could've been prevented with yo…
  • @LesbianVi @StevenAnthony @other_people_who_have_no_idea_what_they_are_talking I really want to keep this thread healthy and relevant, if you dont even play end game content(VHHM,VSHM,Harrowhold), nor even do mid tier dungeons like VSNM VHNM TSNM an…
  • I dont recall any reason was stated, but i personally thought it was a good change. Although it did take awhile to adapt to such changes.
    in SKILLS BUG Comment by toufu June 2017