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  • [removed forum violation]
  • not mentioning tera rng sucks so have fun
    in RM Event Comment by trollme May 2017
  • isnt my pc my network?isnt my router not my network?if i sniff on tera server will i capture emp purchase?
  • u can ask the guy who jumped into this thread to seek for attention i believe he/she already had a thread for his drama
  • [/quote] why dont you show to the people all the video? ;) (Image) [/quote] TBH u sounds like so called SHITPAI on AV server who seeks for attention ...ow btw before u report me for calling outs..i dont cos shitpai is a code name i use just for…
  • [/quote] false accusation i dont use dps "xxxxx" and if u check the img you posted i didnt uploaded that info about dmg its another name so, double report 1) for callouts in forums uploading images with the part you want, and not everyt…
  • (Quote) rmhm issue was a cover up to hype the blame for so called 3rd party...that just my observation..but can u blame them its der company to protect not us.im not against 3rd party tools..but im against the 3rd party exploit.specialy the iframe …
  • lets be honest and stop fooling around denying all stuff....wat triggered EME to take action is not about the coommunity being toxic and harrasing people....wat triggered them was one or 2 of dev mod selling the script in real money and the coder of…
  • (Quote) thank you for enlightening me.yeah your right maybe a diff mod..but in that case if it impacts the sales of the company for me its so unfair
  • (Quote) ahahah i think she/her misunderstood the statement (The program I'm sure you know I'm speaking of )
  • (Quote) not just deleting i wonder if some can alter iframe values cos i saw a videorecording..im not sure tho if thats gpk mod
  • I personally don't know about gpk modifications causing bugs in kumas because as far as I was aware it only changes the appearance of textures in the game via mesh replacement.[/quote] s1 mod is ok gpk is harmful in a way some people use it to remov…
  • GPK mod is a big NO NO...
  • They just go IM and try to run the dungeon with the random ppl they are matched.[/quote] the game itself has a feature HELP which can guide u not all but basic aspect of the game...so being ignorant or too lazy to research and backread forums inst …
  • (Quote) OMG this guy..really