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  • still more entertaining than sitting in a dead outskirts or queuing a dead battleground :/
  • most likely 4crit/4power. there aren't any other decent rolls to use other than endurance. earrings are most likely 4% hp and 4 endurance
  • https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wmvdb4LoUQ9iubg59mRJkIBmFyuBsDloHbfUZKsKhkk/edit#gid=109019359
    in VM8 vs VM9? Comment by yime March 2017
  • (Quote) nah, their client is at least 100x better than our client. more optimized!
  • the korean's dont think the game needs to be optimized because their client is infinitely more optimized than our's already. you can "self" optimize your game through means i can't discuss here but try looking it up on essentialmana
  • (Quote) but lancers are easy to use compared to brawlers. :/
  • (Quote) um actually its not free because you're still paying for elite which makes the emp not [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]
    in Free EMP Comment by yime March 2017
  • don't spend what you don't need to. do your highwatch starting quests for level 65 all the way through. you'll get a considerable amount of personal rare and extensive alkahest, all of which are bank-able. you also get a large amount of feedstock. …
  • (Quote) running around with thunderstrike while tanking is not going to lead to fun boss positioning. :/
  • all completely valid points that i agree on
  • people complaining about the free emp make no sense "yeah sure but 15 emp isn't that great man. it's too late for this" i'd personally rather have free emp and no emp so..... you take what you can get i suppose
    in Free EMP Comment by yime March 2017
  • huh, i've only experienced it as a temporary bug. i'll try and find an update if i can for you.
  • okay, let's say you have a job, and your boss decides to give you a bonus in your salary as a gift. you're saying you paid for that bonus by working there? that simply doesn't make any sense. i don't usually break out this example, but i'll do it j…
    in Free EMP Comment by yime March 2017
  • still dont understand why people buy the account-bound dragon instead of buying a dragon with an actual use. that's just wasted money.
  • i have experienced this bug as well. i had no idea it worked off of not using all three triple nems. the only workaround i've found is either waiting long enough or teleporting/relogging.