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  • you're paying for FIVE chicken tenders. and you get an EXTRA one for FREE. if you need a different example, in pokemon, if you buy 10 or more pokeballs, you get a FREE premier ball. if you're paying for elite and NO EMP, and you get FREE EMP, you'…
    in Free EMP Comment by yime March 2017
  • did lknm for a daily once, got a lancer who didn't know what he was doing. i asked him to use debilitate more to stack the debuff and he says to me "you're an idiot. debilitate doesn't stack. stick to playing healer." oooookay, dude.
  • i agree with the trial cosmetic items when new ones come out, but people should still be thankful that they're getting free emp just for logging in.
    in Free EMP Comment by yime March 2017
  • (Quote) first off, grats on tier 8 my man. thanks for supporting tera live chat was done away with a whileeee ago. ticket responses range from a few days to two weeks. it's normal. staff at eme is not what it used to be.
  • we'll get a charactor slot voucher like in eu tera for lunar dancer, but it wont expand past the 16 character slot max. there are no plans to increase the max slots.
  • while i agree that you're a d-bag of you do that as a raid leader to ensure your chances at an ambush box, it still is a really smart way to make money. hate them or not. besides, what's stopping you from making a rally raid? also its kinda ur fau…
  • (Quote) april 11th is the release date afaik and it still is a weekday :( it won't count the played hours of the character, but the real life time. rip
  • (Quote) actually its 17 days for crimson/iron and 34 days for ghost/diamond
  • (Quote) if you pay for 5 chicken tenders and they give you 1 more chicken tender on the house, are you paying for the 6th chicken tender? no. so if you're paying for elite and you get emp for free, you're not paying for it.
    in Free EMP Comment by yime March 2017
  • (Quote) you say that as if it's not insanely easy to make gold already that you have to farm 24/7 for gold
    in Free EMP Comment by yime March 2017
  • (Quote) i can't think of a single boss move in LKNM that would bleed through a properly rolled zerk's block. damage bleed through is not as bad as you're talking about. you can block just about every block-able attack that LKNM and SSNM bosses have…
  • zerk tank is a lotta fun. (im also a popori zerker :smile:) just learn the basics of tanking in general (i.e positioning, holding aggro, etc.) first. it'll help a lot in the long run. so, zerks are not a traditional tank, obviously. it's a major c…
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