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  • Per response on April 14th by EME Staff(Quote) No reason to re-post on this topic
  • @YX4HW6WFDW I understand you want the EMP instead of a refund (SIDE NOTE: Since XBL did offer a refund i would of taken it after 8days with no response a refund would of made sense than just try to buy the EMP again with the refund since Enmasse has…
  • Elite Status is in the game. When you goto store Press X like your buyying EMP and Elite is listed there.
  • you can try contacting XBL and see what options they have to offer you.
  • What do you mean by the "Extra one" in the display menu?
  • changing to a Channel with less population will fix alot of lag issues it is mostly playable though there are some issues am currently leveling 3 characters right now all 3 are late game or at 65 and havn't had much issues.
  • @Narthropi I can agree with you to a certain degree they are trying there best. However there is a certain state called Open Beta in which some of these issues should of been noticed and address from a starting point such as Map marker not working (…
  • The only option would to be contact support and wait for a reply they are of course flooded with support tickets from the game just being released so i would assume they should be back to you within 1week max. I would aslo watch General Console disc…
  • (Quote) Great point forgot about the video LINK TO VIDEO listed that as a main tipping to sell Microsoft/Sony the idea it could be great on consoles (Skip to 3:30 for brawler talk) brawler was in the game 100% due to this being a MAIN selling point…
  • No PC, PS4, XB1 all have set special codes. Example: Tera did a Twitch Prime box you had to goto EME website redeem the code pick your platform get the code for that platform than enter it on that platform. (It also had 3 options for consoles XB1, P…
  • Seems everything resets at 5A.M PDT time Dungeon reset times Taken from there offical website Don't think its correct since my dailies for my vanguard reset in 3hrs 32mins so i hope a EME staff will make this a Theard topic and pin it for everyone.
  • Shortage outage yestrday for XB1 http://from my understanding lasted only mins (It was only down for me for like 30mins or less). Most MAJOR issues will be sent here TERA Twitter Or will be posted in the fourms but they did put updates for the PS4 m…
  • I dont think you get what he means, resetting the map will (should) make her respawn were you first encountered her to Teleport. TP quests have issues with when you die not resetting so they added a reset option to fix these issues such as her not s…
  • On your account for your accounts already made. Follow these steps Start>Tera Store>Item Claim. After getting the slots goto Inventory they should be stored in one of those pages most likely Invo>Misc or Alchemy (Since my plasma box even we…
  • Correct as of now no mount is able to get sold/gifted to other players (That am aware of). I am indeed also wondering why the trade system wasn't put in from the start would be great to get that info from EME staff for that answer