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    @OP - Welcome back, sorry about some of the industrial-level salt-mines above... This game has seen better days and it's wearing on the people who are trying to stick with it.

    CornishRex did a good job answering the questions you had, and I'll +1 all of them. As a Lancer main, I'll tell you it gets night-and-day better when you hit level cap. You go from a slower-hitting wall of armor to frontal-DPS with a lot of party buffs and that glorious active block ability. I don't play this game too much lately - mostly due to burn-out from the lack of content again, but when I do come back, I pretty much just run my Lancer.

    The gear revamp is pretty good, you'll be able to get GearXP by playing the game which increases your enchant/upgrade chances to 100% until you hit Frostmetal (third tier) armor, where as even after getting to 100% GearXP, you get at best a 60% success chance. The chances are nicer than before, but upgrade costs are astronomical now compared to previous patches, often being several thousand worth of actual gold and materials per roll now. It definitely gives incentive to taking your time and saving your money.

    My best advice if you're coming back is just to not take things too seriously, and just play the game casually to have fun. This game and EME have their issues right now, namely the void of content for the current patch, and EME having staffing and communication issues despite Tera being arguably their best/most popular game. Play it to enjoy the combat system and hang out with a guild if you can find an active one. The next big patch will be pretty significant, but it's months away still, so if you do come back, you'll have some time to get geared up for when it drops.

    Either way, welcome back, hope you have a good time with Tera again.
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    @counterpoint - Everything is subjective. I don't care for PVP myself so anything to do with fixing it, to me, is usually stuff I gloss over, and any major updates to it go hardly noticed by me or the people I play with.

    I started with Campfires not because I was going from most important to least important, but because it's more like I was going from easiest/quickest fixes to the harder, longer-term fixes that take longer. I just happened to start with campfires first because it was the first thing that came to mind when I thought, "What would be a quick and easy thing to work on, to make a lot of older players smile, or be even a little happier about?"

    That's also why it was considered a quality of life change, along with the potions. It's nothing game-breaking but the fact is the potions we have now are pretty underwhelming when you need a decent boost right away, or want HP/MP over time.

    I was also going over things that can be worked on sooner than later that don't take large reworks to achieve. Start small, fixing little things as you go about working on the larger ones.

    1. Make PvP a "first class citizen" alongside PvE in gear progression, and fully support/encourage the PvP community with PvP-specific balance changes, initiatives, and tournaments.

    Making PVP a "first class citizen" thing is going to take a lot more work than re-implementing features into the game that were taken out before that didn't help anything by BEING taken out.

    2. Re-introduce competitive PvE aspects both native to the game and through events to encourage the community through content droughts. (Also, closely monitor for K-TERA content droughts and introduce timely new content to fill the gap.)

    I remember a long while back dungeons like BRNM had a scoring system in them - I wouldn't mind seeing this be brought back and some level of reward be given either on an individual, or guild-level basis. Aside from this, implementing features like this will take several months and require a dedicated effort of BHS to accomplish.

    3. Add a true "level sync" system, allowing level 65 players to party with low-level players to complete dungeons/content, increasing the potential for cooperative PvE play with new players.

    Again, this will take BHS having to code an entirely new system into the game, though it is an awesome idea and I'd love to see it one day.

    4. Eliminate talents in K-TERA and implement the same buffs via a different system (or as part of an existing system) that is accessible to all regions (so there is no perception of "preferential treatment" in class balance).

    Agreed, either remove Talents from KTera or integrate it into all regions. This preferential treatment is garbage and is a huge slap in the face to every non-korean region of the world. I love the concept of the talents system, but everything else I've seen is.... underwhelming or downright irritating.

    5. Have a constant stream of small events running in the game all the time (such as various boosts, spawn events, featured content, etc.), rather than relying so much on "big deal" events that might be flops. (Though keep doing occasional "big deal" events also.)

    I would agree with this other than the idea - except I worry that people will eventually get used to always having some sort of event or another going, and once things slow down, or events stop being completely regular, people are going to have a similar reaction to how we do when dungeons get removed - they will feel like chunks of the game are getting removed.

    6. Further improve the gearing system to reduce the impact of RNG, allowing a definitive "fail-safe" that is reasonable for each gear tier.

    I agree, but disagree with this. Frankly I'm alright with the current existing gearing system - excluding of course the GearXP only allowing you a certain percent success chance despite reaching the '100%' XP limit for each level. If 100% GearXP = 100% Enchant/Upgrade chance, I wouldn't find a fault in the existing system. Yes, later levels like later Frostmetal and Stormcry take a lot of material to Enchant, but they take a good while to get to 100% XP too. And no, I don't believe that casual players will grind to the same level more seasoned veteran players will - casuals run a couple dungeons a day, if that. By time they reach 100% XP, they would have already had time to accrue enough money and materials for upgrading.

    7. Finally finish the revamp of all in-game merchants (fashion coupons, vanguard, buddy up, reward emporium, etc.) and regularly introduce new items going forward to keep things interesting. (i.e. Don't allow things to fall this far behind again.)

    Agreed, shops and reasons to grind all need an update, and while I'd like them sooner than later, as anyone would, I expect that a complete revamp/overhaul of all of these systems is going to take a long time. It would definitely go into the 90+ day category. Adding to this though, I'd like to see the Reputation shops get an upgrade and be brought back into relevancy. I've been playing for over two years and don't think I've ever really sat down to grind one of those other than one single time in Kanstria to get an item that I later was able to just make on my own.

    8. Closer monitoring of broker prices when determining event rewards, and closer attention to balance of prize awarding, to maintain a better sense of "worth" of event prizes for dedicated and new players alike.

    Yeah, the events can be fun but when you see someone hoarding 1000+ catalysts for a Kyra's open-world event, it's pretty infuriating. I think that's why EME made some of the events limited to dungeons only, as a way to firewall things like that from happening. If anything, I'd like to see a sort of currency system where you can grind up catalysts and then use them to purchase items outright - or choose to gamble them to win items at a huge discount. Bungie found out the hard way that grinding for RNG rewards isn't as effective as letting people just grind up a currency to be able to purchase the items they want, and I think EME can learn a lot from the mistakes Bungie and EA are making lately, as EME themselves are loosely following in the same footsteps.

    10. Change TERA Rewards so that all in-game actions that reward points also give corresponding credits, and make it so that Elite players earn rewards/credits at a higher rate (double?).

    I too would like this - the Tera Rewards system is good in concept, but only alienated a ton of players who didn't just fork over stacks of cash. Something like this along with a Rewards Emporium update would go a long way in making that entire feature actually relevant to players.

    10. Have continuous and constantly-rotating Elite Discounts on the cash shop every day/week.

    This would be nice - Discounts in the store for Elite Members would definitely give a very credible and real benefit to being an Elite member. I would honestly think having monthly updates would probably be a more manageable method, and would give an allowance of time to some people with less money time to actually save up in order to get what they want, rather than feel rushed to pull out their wallets for fear of losing out.

    11. Since eliminating cash shop lootboxes is unlikely, require all lootboxes to have posted odds and an absolute failure cap.

    Definitely - With the posts on the forums of people buying hundreds upon hundreds of dollars in lootboxes, only to get one, or none of an item, actually seeing what the odds are would be a huge step forward in EME's claim of transparency with the community. Not to mention lootboxes without % success chances for the primary advertised item is largely seen as gambling, even if developers try to do the political two-step and play the verbatim/semantics game about how every lootbox gives items. People buy the lootboxes for the advertised item - knowing what chances of success may lower the amount people buy, but it would go a LONG WAY in fostering a much better outlook that the community has towards EME. And that in and of itself would return a profit by not making players feel cheated or lied to, so they will stay with the game longer, and naturally, spend more money.

    I also think adding a more expensive smartbox for that item for people to just outright avoid the lootbox ordeal entirely would also be an extremely positive thing for EME to do in the wake of all of this lootbox backlash going about. I know for a fact there are a few items in the store that I want but refuse to buy through lootboxes - having to pay a bit more to just buy the item outright would definitely encourage me to spend money I otherwise never would (doubly so if there's an elite discount or store discount applied... parting me from my money would be much easier in a situation like that, EME...)

    12. Regular and on-going meetings with Player Council to create a constant feedback loop, with tracking of delivered improvements and measurable results.

    Absolutely - Players want to know what's going on. This is our game too, so we want to know if ideas are actually being listened to by not just EME but BHS too. Not to mention consistent meetings would do absolute wonders in allowing people, namely the player council members, to calm concerns or hot topics with the community before things blow up like they have recently.

    13. Find/hire regular forum moderators who can monitor the forum on weekends/evenings/holidays for any forum or in-game issues, and trigger appropriate staff action as needed.

    This would definitely help, the last thing we need is for EME to pull a Bungie and go on a three week hiatus with zero word while things are broken and in complete disarray.
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    Hey again, sorry this is days later than I said - last week and weekend were rough in finding some spare time to write this.

    So I wanted to go over some other things I thought about for this game, and also wanted to do a sort of near future/farther out future timeline of things that (from my perspective) may be feasible for EME/BHS to get done in order to pull this game's progress and development back on track towards something that will generally help retain players.

    However, I wanted to respond to a few things people said and kind of go over why I said what I did.
    Yordaddy wrote: »
    You ask too much from a weak development/publishing team and some of the stuff (i.e. bring back pots) can be attributed as subjective. We see BHS develop other popular games and Enmasse promoting other games which makes obvious that TERA is not a priority.

    I think we should consider that we can ask 1 tiny thing every 3 months and hope to get it, focus our complaints and energy in that one thing, and one step at a time.

    For example, right now, I think we should beg EM to remove RNG cap from gear completely.
    I'd like to see just this tiny thing from Enmasse. Progression should not equal punishment in the altar of p2w.

    I'm not sure I ask too much, considering I've not put a time stamp on when I was hoping things would get done - quite frankly I'm not expecting miracles out of a game probably pulling less than 4,000 unique logins in any given 24 hour period.

    You're right that my opinion to add pots back into the game may be just subjective - I guess the point I was getting at is questioning why they were removed in the first place. That is often the question I'm asking myself more and more often these days, "Why was this removed? What benefit does removing this from the game do, that just leaving it in as another option didn't do better?"

    Asking one thing every three months is reasonable - however it depends on that one thing. I'm no game developer but I'm going to guess that changing the mechanics of the GearXP system to allow 100% success rates will also require retooling not just the code itself, but also readjusting the amounts of XP required to reach 100% each time, but that's just my guess. However, I absolutely agree - removing the GearXP cap so that any piece of gear at any level can get 100% enchant success should be a high priority task - the Arsenal update was for all intents and purposes a fantastic step in the right direction, but the forced RNG must go. We are not Korea, we are not their local audience that loves ripping slot machine levers - the vast majority of people detest RNG progression and would rather just put time into a linear, guaranteed progression system like in EVE or Warframe.

    "Progression should not equal punishment in the altar of p2w." - Exactly this. Progression should never be walled off by RNG.
    Yordaddy wrote: »
    At the moment there's no other MMO with TERA combat. BDO is not exactly the same and has no PvE. There's no MMO hyped for 2018. TERA could have another 1-2 major years if only EME and BHS decides to bring back old content and wrap up the existing one. It baffles the mind how ppl are not jumping at this opportunity at this time.

    *fixed a tiny bit there for you*

    The whole post was a fantastic read, very detailed, and thank you for segmenting things with Spoilers (I should really do this myself too... but meh, efforts)

    Still I must point out this block among the entire post as it points out something very critical - Tera is an extremely unique MMO that several other companies and developers have attempted to replicate, but have all failed, some more spectacularly than others. With little to no new games coming out causing a big splash in the near future, this puts Tera and BHS as you said, in a very lucrative position, assuming they capitalize on it.

    For right now, Tera is..... like a boat. A boat with holes in it, and is slowly sinking. It's not submersed yet, but it's definitely sinking. These holes can be seen as the problems the game is facing right now. Some are smaller, and manageable, some are larger, and should be looked into as soon as humanly possible. Big or small though they are all causing problems, and much like holes in a boat, they need to be fixed or they will lead to catastrophic problems later on (game dying = boat sinking).

    BHS adding new content is like someone asking you to ride this boat, by saying, "Hey look at this new shiny new thing I put on my boat!" - It's cool and all, and you'd normally be super excited about it....... But the boat still has holes in it and it's still sinking. Sure it's ok to be excited somewhat about this new thing, like a game's new patch. But unless that new thing fixes problems that exist right now - the problems are going to take away from that new content, or just downright outweigh any good the new content brings with the negatives of what's still broken.
    I'll add my 2 cents. Get rid of story all together, because it's tedious and takes too long. Make it Vanguards and dungeons to level. Keep it the pace it is to level when doing dungeons.

    This is why I suggested having both the optional Solo, and then group options of the dungeons. The solo version is for people interested in the story and interested in that longer-standing grind to the end of the single player, non-end-game content. The party version will be for those of us just leveling alts and looking to get to level cap as soon as humanly possible.

    Going with this approach gives a path for both sides of the coin, and unless I’m missing something here, I just do not see any negatives to this approach considering at the end of the Dakuryon quest line and essentially the ‘end of the game’ - the player would be basically pushed into the 5-man dungeons for the last few levels until they hit 65.

    This actually brings up a point I missed about the story questing - adding a solo-able Shadow Sanguinary to finalize the confrontation with Dakuryon should be added. Left as is, new players will basically fend him off - but then never get any cloture to that story without going online and actually watching SS get run. And even then, the people doing that are likely the ones that want to experience the story itself, so it will just be a half-baked end to that until BHS inevitably recycles SS back into the game.
    People complaining about getting yelled at or kicked off the party for being noobs should play on the PVE servers, and join a good guild that supports noobs. I've never had trouble on there. When I was on PVP it was a toxic experience for sure.

    IMS doesn’t care what server you’re on - I play on TR and regularly am queued up with people from other servers, so that doesn’t help at all. However I agree with the other point - for new players, joining a guild that supports new players is arguably one of the best things for them to do.
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    30-90 Days

    1: Elite Status Update

    This has been an ongoing topic for a long time now, and I’m going to touch up on this subject once more - A lot of these ideas I’ve seen in the forums and agree with.

    Remove the Gold Boost for a Gear XP boost. If not permanent, then make it like the gold boost, you get 12 of them, each for 1 hour and is just a simple right-click on the Elite Bar. This alone would bring Elite status a good leap forward back into the current game’s relevancy, and give people a LOT more reason to spend money on Elite every month.

    Update and improve the daily login rewards. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been playing a ton of Warframe lately and something I noticed was that for EVERY PLAYER, not just Prime Access players, but for literally every single person that logs into the game each day - they get a daily item.

    Now I’m not going to do a Tera vs Warframe post but there are some glaring similarities between these two games that I think Tera can take ideas from to improve itself.

    Namely - the daily rewards need to be updated. Remove useless rolls like the 5 Gold Talents, or 300 Metamorphic Emblems. These are the people providing you a constant revenue stream every month - 5 Gold Talents for a daily login crate is actually pretty insulting.

    Doubly so when I log into Warframe and get something like a 50% off coupon to their store for the next 48 hours. So I have two days where I can choose one thing out of *nearly everything* in their store to buy, and I can buy it at half off, be it with in-game credits, or their premium currency.

    That is insanely awesome. Something like that would HIGHLY encourage people to purchase something in your store. I’ll admit right now I sank money into the game in my first 48 hours BECAUSE I got one of those, and I’ll probably do it again when I get another one later.

    Items like these, and things like a Gear XP buff (if not implemented into the elite bar) or item drop rate buffs for a day would be HUGE boosts to the rewards offered by the daily elite boxes and would make having Elite a LOT more enticing. You can also make them non-tradeable so the people who have 900 elite boxes don’t destroy the economy overnight, just to be safe.

    2: Vanguard Update

    The Vanguard store is in a bad spot right now, that’s no mystery to anyone. So here are some ideas I have to help repair this system with a lot of potential:

    Update the Entropic Box to drop 32-64 Entropic Emblems - as it stands right now this box is basically useless given its price. Updating what is rewarded by these is a good first step to giving people something worth spending their credits on.

    Also, update the Consumables Boon Box to include other consumables:
    - Health Potions (50% ones, not the ones you buy at the shop).
    - Mana Elixirs
    - Valiant Potions (75% HP in 15s ones)
    - Noctenium Infusions
    - Noctenium Elixirs (of both kinds)
    - Travel Journals

    Basically make it what its name is - a box that will give you a random amount of a random consumable item. This change would make them a much more enticing offer if I knew I could get some Nocteniums in them, or if I could get an Elixir or other consumables besides just what we have now.

    Update the ‘bonus’ items you get when opening boxes like the Entropic Emblem box to include some of the above items, while at the same time, please remove the old outdated Cruxes like the boss damage, or minion damage cruxes. This should have been done a long time ago, so as just a “let’s finally get this out of the way” bit - I would love to see these useless crystals removed finally.

    Add a new item to the Vanguard shop:

    Name: Gem Box
    Cost: 400 credits
    What is it: Gives 1-5 of a random gem (3 Rubies minimum, 5 emeralds or 1 diamond max)

    This pretty much instantly solves two or three problems. It solves the issue with not having enough gems in the game for upgrading. It solves giving people something worth grinding Vanguard points for, and allows some players with less cash to exchange credits for an item to sell for gold (let’s face it, upgrading in this patch is crazy gold intensive).

    Another thing you could do to help expand the Vanguard shop’s utility is allow people to buy Dyad Niveot Structures from the crystal merchant - they won’t be cheap, let’s say…. 1000 credits a pop? So if you bought one with three Niveots that should be in the ballpark of ~2000 credits per Dyad, and even then you still have to pray to RNGeezus that it’s a dyad you actually want?

    I don’t see a problem with this since Dyad structures can’t be sold on broker or traded, and their rarity and that they are basically BIS crystals means they shouldn’t be a cheap and easy thing to acquire. Doing this offers players a way to get Dyad Niveot Structures for their gear without having to rely on Crystal Boxes, and removes at least that level of RNG from the game.

    Lastly I want to touch up on Daily Vanguard Rewards -

    They’re pretty ‘meh’ right now, and I thing diversifying them would help give players more incentive to run dungeons, rather than just knocking out 8-16 rounds of Basilisks every day with their alts.

    The concept is simple - Have different kinds of rewards for 3 and 8 completed tasks.

    You’ll have your basic 3 and 8 completed daily rewards that do not change.

    However, you will also now have two new options:

    3 and 8 completed IoD rewards - This offers you some basic materials like Talents, gold, and/or gems for upgrading. That’s the main focus of why you’re on IOD anyway, so it makes sense to keep those rewards in line with that.

    3 and 8 completed dungeon rewards - This offers you a good bit more gold and materials, but also offers you higher tier materials - like at 8 dungeon runs, you would get some Emeralds, gold, and gold talents. It seems like a lot, but consider you just ran through eight dungeons.

    How much of what you’d get varies, and could be determined at a later date, but that’s the general concept. Allow people to get rewards specific to their playstyle, and reward them more for investing more time into the game.

    That’s all I have for now, sorry it’s not quite as polished as the last post but I didn’t have as much time to write it this time. If you made it this far, I thank you for your time and look forward to reading what you guys have to say about any of this.
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    @Spacecats Thanks for the response and forwarding that on up - it means a lot more to me and probably others here than I think words on a forum can usually convey, but still, thank you.

    I read through this thread and am happy it's garnered such a response from EME and everyone else - I don't have an opportunity tonight but I'll be doing another post responding to some people and putting down on paper some of the other ideas I wanted to originally write down but didn't have the chance to soon. I can't for sure say if it'll happen tomorrow or not but I'll start tomorrow at least.

    I'm actually glad some people disagree with me, that's what helps make the community what it is. I know I'm just one kind of player, and probably a bit of a minority even then, so hearing feedback from others with differing views and interests, and bouncing ideas off of you all over the years is/was all but integral in crafting some of the ideas I've put down in the OP, and I'll definitely be considering them when I am writing the next big post.