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  • Re: Tera's Issues

    While I am sure the community appreciate all the work you guys are putting in trying to make the game better, such as the events you talked about, as others have said, it is too late at this moment. … (View Post)
  • Re: roadmap part 2

    I agree that the state of the game at its current stage is quite worrying. Content isn't much and events are repetitive with an easy to follow pattern between them. No news on future updates besides … (View Post)
  • Re: Newbie questions

    You can also check guides on Essential Mana, they got class related guides as well as dungeon guides and all of them are pretty much up to date (for PC patch) I think you can also take a look at thos… (View Post)
  • Re: The Brick Wall

    I have wiped on the 1st boss of SS in pugs too, but that's because people didn't know what to do and didn't keep their burst for the shield phase. As a healer (priest in your case) you do need to mak… (View Post)
  • Re: Mystics in dungeons

    The endurance buff only applies to lvl 65 when you can get your hands on the glyph, at low levels a mystic really shouldn't be summoning that thrall, unless if everyone is dead and you need something… (View Post)