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  • A Fond Farewell from Spacecats

    As many of you saw during Friday's TERA stream, January 19 was my last day at En Masse.

    I wish you all a fond farewell!

    Over the last two years both EME and the playerbase have helped me grow as a Community Manager. I depart with many great memories to look back on. Shoutout to everyone who supported me, En Masse, and the TERA community during my time as CM. That includes any of you who joined me during the weekly community stream - whether the show was about previewing a new update, spawning BAMs on innocent people's heads, learning to Slayer, failing at PvP, hiding & seeking, planning Peanut von Strudel's rampage, holding Q&A with product managers, visiting Value Town, looking at amazing player artwork, painting like Bob Ross, or just hanging out and dancing in freedom square. Every community event and stream was special to me and I always had fun. I hope some of you have as many happy memories from the past two years as I do!

    I have a lot of faith in the TERA crew to carry on doing awesome things for the community. The same goes for the Player Council, who help TERA more than they know and are always willing to lend an ear or helping hand to their fellow players. TERA has so many amazing (and secret) things in store for it. I've made quite a few friends at En Masse. I'll miss seeing them every day just like I'll miss many of you guys.

    For the time being, I'm looking forward to streaming more at home (some of you have already joined me on my Twitch channel) playing a variety of stuff, including TERA. I'll forever be an online gamer and I love attending conventions, so I hope to see some of you around! Feel free to say hi if you see a Spacecats wander by. Until then...

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  • Re: Monogo gave me unusable item..

    metagame wrote: »
    another thing that's essentially unusable is the i can haz backpack--it has the version from skycastle that expires once you log off:

    Dang, wish I'd seen that sooner. I'll let the TERA crew know so it can be replaced in the shop.
  • Re: It's 2018 - can I race change my Gunner?

    The only thing said about race changing to Elin Gunners is that it would not be possible. Nothing has led us to believe that this will change in the foreseeable future.
  • Re: Availability of deleted items: I think we waited long enough already.

    Both signs and dragon fireworks have the potential to cause Customer Support tickets. Dragon fireworks still have the potential to cause major lag if abused by players (until a GM is assigned to come in and fix it).

    Signs will always contain negative things, no matter what word filters are put in place. They also have a high potential to create Customer Support tickets. Players use them to attack each other, other guilds, or the game itself. It doesn't make any difference that the creator's name is displayed above the sign. It's still work for the support crew to come in, remove the sign, and dole out any necessary punishment to the one abusing the feature.

    Causing support tickets isn't exactly the end of the world, and you might be thinking "okay big deal, a few tickets happen," but the workload is surprising. It's a big deal for us when there are players out there waiting to have important tickets answered. The simplest fix is to remove the signs, and while obviously some people miss having them and have good intentions for using them, removing them doesn't negatively affect any game mechanics. btw this is the same reason we never allow players to use the megaphone.

    It's totally a "this is why we can't have nice things" scenario, but unfortunately that's the reality.
  • Re: Forum Rules & Guidelines


    This list of rules will be updated as necessary. As a member of the TERA community you can help keep our forums tidy and welcoming by selecting Flag>>Report on any comment you believe is in violation of these rules. Doing so will help moderators deal with these comments more efficiently.

    Please read these rules in full. Ignorance of the rules does not excuse violation of them. Violations may result in temporary suspension from the official TERA forums or permanent closure of the account in question. Participating on the official TERA forums is a privilege granted by En Masse Entertainment, not a right, and may be revoked for a temporary or permanent duration. For more information, please consult our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

    1) CONTENT: The following sections outline language, expression, and naming of characters, accounts, or guilds, clear or masked, which is not allowed on the TERA official forums.

    A. Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Nationality, Language, Life Choices, Religion, and Politics
    - Anything that promotes, is recognized as, or alludes to symbols of racial, ethnic, gender, national, life choice, religious, political hatred or slurs, or derogatory content based on spoken language.
    - Anything related to real life politics.
    - Anything related to real life religion.

    B. Sexuality and Violence
    - Anything that promotes, is recognized as, or alludes to symbols of excessively sexual or violent acts.
    - Anything that promotes, is recognized as, or alludes to symbols of minors in sexual situations.
    - Anything that insults or demeans any aspect of any sexual orientation.
    - Anything construed as pornographic.
    - Any references to violence occurring outside of TERA.

    C. Personal Information, Attacks, and Threats
    - Any release of personal information about yourself, other individuals, or En Masse Entertainment employees.
    - Any language that can be perceived as an attack against other individuals or En Masse Entertainment employees.
    - Any threats, veiled or otherwise, made against yourself, other individuals, or En Masse Entertainment employees.

    D. Inappropriate Obscenity, Vulgarity, and Profanity
    - Anything construed as referring to human anatomy, mental development, or bodily functions inappropriately.
    - Anything construed as excessively crude or offensive.

    E. Illegal Activity
    - Requesting, arranging, or offering copyright infringement (piracy), illegal activities, or illegal drugs.
    - Discussing illegal activity committed personally.
    - Discussing or arranging anything that violates the TERA terms of service.

    F. Harassment and Defamatory Statements
    - Anything construed as referring to other individuals or En Masse Entertainment employees using any disallowed content or behavior.

    G. Discussion of Moderator Action
    - Excessive or direct reference to past, present, or future moderator action on the official TERA forums.
    - Excessive discussion or debate of the official TERA forums rules.

    H. Foreign Languages
    - Use of foreign languages to circumvent moderation.

    I. Call-Outs
    - "Calling out" other users or En Masse Entertainment staff in the title or content of a thread or post. If you have something to say to a particular forum user, message them privately.

    2) BEHAVIOR: The following sections outline actions which are not allowed on the official TERA forums.

    A. Disruption
    - Any language or actions intended to disturb other individuals.
    - Any disruption or exploitation of contests and promotions.
    - Disruptive practical jokes on any day other than April 1.

    B. Spamming and Post Content
    - Excessive repetition of a single phrase, similar phrases, image or images, or incoherent gibberish.
    - Excessive use of Caps Lock.
    - "First posting".
    - "inb4lock" posting.
    - Posts with minimal or no content.
    - Posts that do not contribute to the overall conversation.
    - Threads or posts whose primary purpose is dramatic effect rather than substantive discussion.
    - "Goodbye" threads. Please note, "goodbye" threads will result in immediate thread removal and the author's permanent suspension from the forums.
    - Posts made only to "bump" a thread to the front page of that forum section.
    - Petitions are explicitly forbidden. Please note, calling a petition a request will not disguise its true nature.
    - Boycott or protest threads.
    - Dredging up dead threads (AKA necroing threads). Any thread inactive for over a month constitutes a dead thread.

    C. Advertising
    - Any promotion of non-En Masse Entertainment, non-TERA commercial ventures.
    - Any links or advertisements to download software or games which are not published or endorsed by En Masse Entertainment.

    D. Scamming
    - Acquiring items, currency, or any other in-game possessions from another individual through misinformation, confusion, or fraud.

    E. Cheating
    - All forms of illegal or unfair gameplay including the use of third-party applications to improve performance.

    F. Multiple Accounts and Impersonation
    - Creation of multiple accounts by a single individual solely for use on the official forums.
    - Creation of multiple accounts for the purpose of evading suspension or account closure.
    - Any impersonation of other individuals or En Masse Entertainment, Bluehole Studio, or their partners' employees. Note: All En Masse Entertainment, Bluehole Studio, and partner company representatives are required to have a custom title denoting their position and employer, so you will always be aware of whom is a company representative.

    G. Misrepresentation
    - Misrepresentation of En Masse Entertainment, Bluehole Studio, or their partners. This includes falsely quoting moderators or staff members, or quoting moderators or staff members in such a way that the content or context of the material quoted is changed.

    H. Trading In-Game Items or Accounts for Real-World Currency
    - Requesting, arranging, or offering the exchange of in-game items or accounts for real-world currency.
    - Requesting, arranging, or offering the exchange of real-world currency.

    I. Selling/Trading of Character Names
    - Requesting or offering the exchange of TERA character names for other goods/services.

    3) MODERATOR PREROGATIVE: Interpretation of the above rules is at the sole discretion of the moderators. Content and behavior outside of these listed rules are also subject to moderator review and action. All decisions made by En Masse Entertainment moderators are final.

    4) ACCOUNT CLOSURE: Account closures executed by the En Masse Entertainment moderators are permanent. New accounts made by owners of closed accounts will be summarily closed.

    5) PUBLIC IDENTITY: Public identities are subject to these rules. Account holders with public identities that are in violation of these rules may be contacted and asked to change their public identity or otherwise warned or suspended from the official TERA forums. If a new appropriate public identity is not provided by the account holder in a reasonable amount of time, it will be changed to an appropriate public identity by En Masse Entertainment staff.