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  • Re: and now i have to rebuy some of my skills??

    on many of my chars i dont even have enough gold to rebuy them... if they were going to reset them then they should have added those costs back to the characters gold . this is the most ridiculous nonsense
  • Re: and now i have to rebuy some of my skills??

    Spacecats wrote: »
    This is as much a surprise to us as you guys. We're looking into the reports we're getting from players and will speak with Bluehole to try and determine why these changes happened.

    Hopefully this is just a matter of re-purchasing some skills and having things go back to normal again. Since this hasn't happened in the past, though, we'll be on the lookout for any potential side-effects.

    Back to normal = giving me my friggin gold back...
  • more channels for lvl 65 zones pl

    never had a problem getting my dailies done , but now that school is out theres an influx of players. 3 channels is not enough. population says low on 2 and 3 but regardless of low pop, all the pop is doing the lvl 65 vanguard quests...very frustrating. all the zones lvl 1-59 have multiple channels . Seems counterproductive to have only 3 for end game. (not that it matters because its not like devs even read this section, its just here to make us feel like we have some say-so in the game. im just posting this because im irritated /rantoff).