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  • Re: News on the Level 70 patch?

    (Quote) its still better than tera, gender lock, limited entries, low player base, ignorant af and basically non existent staff, for a game with a major patch looming it looks more like a game re… (View Post)
  • Re: News on the Level 70 patch?

    its funny that they post a header on forums for a crappy even that no one cares about as most of the items that are worth it are timed but thay cant post an update on a major patch that was schedule… (View Post)
  • News on the Level 70 patch?

    so with respect to this thread posted here by @KitTeaCup for our 2019 roadmap: MARCH 2019 March 2019 brings a… (View Post)
  • Re: Death to Alts

    (Quote) like i said its an ALT for a reason and not a main you also need 2141 tal scrolls per skill so you need to farm those aswell, its not like you can day 1 max tals........while grinding the… (View Post)
  • Re: Death to Alts

    (Quote) why cant you use alts? non of the dungeons etc are getting removed? you can still farm and passivley level alts and the current gear with the exception of accessories recently is still bi… (View Post)